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Are you ready to giggle?

Meet Abby, Lucy and Woody your new besties with a list ...

All Abby wanted was a life with Charlie. All Charlie wanted was to be single.
After being unceremoniously dumped, Abby’s best friends, Woody and Lucy head to the rescue by creating a list that’s sure to get her over him and reaffirm her faith in love, but each step ends in complete disaster. 
Become best friends with Woody and Lucy and see if they can convince Abby that true love can be found at happily never after…

There's a code to surviving a break up

You eat Ben & Jerry’s (love), you buy new shoes (always), listen to Taylor Swift (before, during after), watch The Notebook (at least twice), and then somehow you magically move on. But what happens next in the real world?

Getting Over Charlie is the first novel in a real-time romantic comedy trilogy that follows the lives and loves of three best friends as they battle and push forwards with life’s changes, loves and losses. 

Heartwarming and hilarious, prepare to have a hug in a book if you're going through the same, or a good lighthearted read to tuck into and feel as though you’ve stumbled upon three new besties. Which of course, you have …

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If the movies Bad Mom's, Bridesmaids and The Hangover series cracked you up, then chances are you'll love it. It's total honesty mixed with a whole lot of heart.

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Zap straight back to secure your first edition copy along with extra special goodies

A few life lessons you'll learn in

Getting Over Charlie


It is vitally important that you eat basil before a plane flight


You WILL always get over the one you never thought you would ...

Hell is certainly not white


Unconditional love comes in many forms, not just one like the movies would have you believe

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Hey! Nice to meet you, I'm Cherry. I’m definitely someone who tries to laugh at stuff in life, yet way back in 2012 I was heartbroken - the man I thought was the love of my life didn't want a future with me. Nothing I did seemed to work to get me over him! So what began as a New Year resolution has turned into my 

first novel.


After 2020, who else is ready to giggle?! Secure your first edition and special goodies from my Book Shop.
Abby, Lucy and Woody can't wait to meet you!

xox Cherry

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