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If we each take care of each other, the circle of care extends wider and wider ...

What does the Besties Trilogy signify?

The power of laughter, honesty and friendship is what has always got me through any tough times. I want the Besties Trilogy to herald that and it does so by celebrating friendship and unconditional love in all its forms.

Where did the Besties Trilogy come from?

No one ever told me when I was growing up that I could fall in love with someone and they might not love me back. So when I got dumped by the guy I thought I was meant to be with I was absolutely heartbroken. Starting all over again was a journey I never thought I'd have to do. I'd grown up surrounded by happily married couples, fairytales and romance novels - getting dumped was not part of my plan! However, I'd written down that I wanted to write a book in my 30's, so to distract myself and give me something to focus on moving forwards, I decided to go away to my friend's villa that they weren't using in March 2012.  The picture above is the first page of Getting Over Charlie plan. I vowed to myself that I would return having written 80,000 words in six weeks. I've been a journalist and ghostwriter for years so I thought I had a fair shot. It turned out to be an exquisite form of torture and heaven at the same time. I've never forgotten how low I felt at the time and how much the words and love from my besties really pulled me up.

I've written my heart out over the years, using any spare time, to ensure that the warmth and realms of good advice and hugs that my friends had dished out in droves were included. Losing someone you love is a loss to be mourned and made sense of. It's my aim to lighten that head space for anyone going through the same.


Unconditional love can be found all around, not just from 'the one' like the movies would have you believe. Just a few of the incredible people that mean the world to me are below. Mad times, funny times, times where the photos don't show me in tears hours beforehand, choosing to say 'yes' and see people that I know will make me smile and make my day instantly better ... the acknowledgment in the book itself is a shout out to these lovely people ....

Unconditional love truly is everywhere, you see it all around in the mini acts of kindness from others...

I'm a firm believer that words written and said are so intrinsically linked to your wellbeing and mental health. Whether they're the words of others or the ones you tell yourself, you have to feed your mind with peaceful inducing or proactive words. Yet when we're stressed we can forget to do this, focusing on negative words that others may have said, or unspoken words that you've felt desperate to hear and feel.

If you've ever suffered from heartbreak you'll know just how testing it is on all parts of your mind and body. Constant stress releases an influx of the hormone cortisol and too much of that really mucks up your mind.

There are some amazing mental health charities out there combatting loneliness, anxiety, fear and heartbreak.  The work they do is nothing short of lifesaving and amazing. That's why for every book that's sold, a donation will be put aside to be made to them.  

More on this later, but rest assured for now that you can read, giggle, hopefully feel better if you're feeling low from heartbreak and also know that you've made someone else feel better, all at the same time. 

That's the circle of care from me to you and from you to others. Thank you for taking the time to read this and be part of a positive boost of hope and kindness for those who need it. For more updates on this please follow the @bestiestrilogy instagram or Facebook account.

xox Cherry

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Besties Trilogy: About Us
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