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Hello from me!

I'm Cherry and this is my mini writing tribe


Lord Finley of Dorsetshire

We all know that cats rule and I rule the roost, she only writes to keep me in biscuits. I repay her in snuggles when I'm back inside after a day's exploring in the jungle.

Cherry Martin | | Getti

Cherry - chief
biscuit provider

This is me trying to think of ideas whilst my fur babies keep my feet warm as I write. They drag me away from my desk for some much needed walking, play and fussing.


Pereguin - Perry
for short

I am the youngest ginger ninja to join the fold. I love sticks and all socks. I'm on a mission to make the other fluffy thing over there come and play ball with me. 

I hate that feeling when a book ends and you miss the characters. I always knew I was going to write a trilogy ...

When I was 29 I said to my best friend Ash that I wanted to write a book in my thirties. Well I started in 2012 and it's finally ready now! I've literally just turned 41 ... The reason it's taken so long is that I've been working full time so I've had to use every spare little bit of money and holiday time to shut myself away and write.

I've LOVED it though. As tricky it's been at times, I just love to write. It's always been my life. Take a glance at the pics below and you'll see some of my work - I’ve been a senior copywriter for brands, journalist, editor and feature writer for publications and ghostwriter of non-fiction and fiction since 2003. For more on my 'day job' and  my poetry see the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. You'll love Golden Birdie, it's completely inspired by love and nature and written to bring a moment of calm and good vibes into your mind and home.


It's true to say that the people I’ve met, places I’ve travelled and stories I’ve typed, have been incredible experiences but for all of the thousands of words that I’ve written, I must be way over a million by now, I’ve never had my name on the front cover of a novel. I’m so excited it's making Finley and Perry both wag their tails - although neither are quite sure why!

However, be careful what you wish to research!

When I first had the idea for a book involving a girl getting over the man of her dreams I’d never actually been dumped. Ugh, since then I’ve been well and truly dumped and heartbroken. Trust me when I say that this book comes tried and tested in making you smile when you need it the most.

Completing Getting Over Charlie alongside heartbreaks, work, love and losses has been an insane journey. I’ve got through the low points with the love of friends and family who, like Abby, Lucy and Woody, have managed to rekindle my spark back into a flame again. They’ve made me laugh when all I thought I could do was cry
and that’s something I want to give back. I've always believed that comedy has a higher purpose so working alongside Mind Charity and supporting the work that they do is very important to me. Read more on that here.


 I LOVE Abby, Woody and Lucy - I can’t wait for you to meet them and join them in their journey.


If you've joined the Blossom Besties Book Club, please know that I’m thoroughly looking forward to organising some book events where I can meet you, share secrets about the novel and also help you with yours if you’re hoping to write your own. The world always needs more good content for us to stuff our hearts and minds into.


Well I guess all that’s left to say for now is that I hope I make you giggle.

xox Cherry


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